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(Program Will Be CLOSED Until December...)

Are you ready for the next step in your awakening?  
If you're ready for the next step in your ROCD journey, this is for you.
Awaken the deepest love and peace in your relationships - with your partner,  to the world and most importantly the relationship with yourself. 
This is for you if...
... You are awakening in your journey with ROCD, but are ready for the next step.

... You are looking for deeper support  and help from Kiyomi & Alexis

... You want deeper connection and belonging in all areas of your life (not just ROCD).

... You are not feeling a strong purpose in your life and would love guidance. 

... You want to feel more love, joy and happiness with yourself and take your power back from your emotions.

... You want deeper connection with your partner and other relationships.

... You want to learn greater tools for greater fulfillment and joy with your partner.

... You want to be guided and supported by a therapist and coach who understand Relationship OCD and healing.

... You want to learn techniques and skills you'd learn in therapy and coaching, but at a more affordable price than weekly therapy. 

... You  feel lonely in this awakening journey and want to be a part of a community who see and accept you in all that you are.

... You want to be guided by coaches and therapists who will hold a safe and transformative environment.

... You want to be held accountable and supported in your future growth.
Welcome To The AIR Program!!!
The perfect program for those looking to take the next step in their ROCD journey and continue their path of awakening.

"AIR has helped me immensely with my relationship. I am finally at a place of contentment not only with my partner, but especially with myself. Since joining AIR, I have never felt more confident and hopeful. Kiyomi and Alexis, you have enhanced my quality of life in a way that I can't even put into words. Thank you for bringing me to a place that I am proud of in my life, without you guys and AIR and my buddies, I don't know what life would be like. I am forever grateful and will always encourage everyone to join AIR. All my love" -- Emma

Are you ready for the next step in your awakening?
Have you been working through your ROCD and are ready for the next step?

Or you've encountered a sense of loneliness, dullness, emptiness or neutrality and you're ready to experience deeper joy, happiness and fulfillment in your life?

Maybe you've been hesitating because you yearn for a community who also understands ROCD but you haven't been able to find one?

Have you asked yourself…

“Is there more to my relationship and life?"

“I feel stuck and lost but what's my next step?"

“How do I step into deeper fulfillment, self love and forgiveness?"

"How can I meet a community who sees me and accepts me full heartedly?" 

Maybe you find yourself...

Questioning how to use conflict to deeper connection...

Yearning for a greater sense of purpose and spirituality that's non compulsive...

Wanting satisfaction with sex and physical intimacy...

Called to experiencing deeper purposeful, aliveness and fullness in life... and other wishes and dreams.

If you answered yes to any of those, then you are in the right place… 

And we welcome you with all of our love and understanding.

If you’re looking for your next step in awakening… 

This is for you.
Awaken your deepest happiness, peace, and joy in relationship with self and others. Experience powerful transformation and awakening in the most supportive environment. Be loved, seen and heard in all of your experience of being human. 
Hi loves!
Kiyomi LaFleur (ROCD Expert, RYT) & Alexis de los Santos (ROCD Specialist, LPCC)
After getting amazing feedback from you all on what you wanted next...

We are so excited and thrilled to announce...

The brand NEW... 
Awaken Into Relationships (AIR) Program!!!!!

Over the past year we kept hearing from you...

"When are you going to launch a new program?"
"What if there was a program for those after The ROCD Course?"
"What if I am looking for more awakening and healing beyond ROCD?" 
"I'm feeling dull, neutral and i'm yearning for deeper connection in my relationships and in my life... help!"

We heard you loud and clear and the answer to those questions is here!

It is FINALLY time to launch a brand new program just for you that we know you will love. 

• The ROCD Course is no longer a good fit for you
• You are still on your ROCD Journey but wanting more

... then the AIR Program will be your perfect next step. 

And most importantly...

We created this program for you because we both know what it's like to feel stuck, dull, neutral toward life and relationships. And we want to show you that there's a way to to feel a deeper sense of purpose, joy and fulfillment with your intimate relationships and as a human in this world. 

Life can feel complicated, difficult, as we encounter triggers, transitions, anxiety, fears on this path and at times, we can feel stuck...

And we are here to guide you and show you how you can go into deeper awakening, deeper transformation and to take that next leap into your greatest potential. 

We are so, so excited to begin.

Welcome to The AIR Program, loves. Get ready for deep transformation, awakening and healing in an amazing, loving community of people just like YOU.

Heres to being human,
Kiyomi & Alexis
So... How does The AIR Program work?
 STEP 1: Join The AIR Program  (New Topic Every Month!)
Once you join The AIR Program, you will get access to a new  transformative, life-changing topic geared to help you awaken every month! We will be diving into topics such as love, self-love, compassion, emotions, inner child and inner parenting, sex and intimacy, conflict to connection, trauma, feminine & masculine energies, attachment styles, spirituality, empowerment, trust, forgiveness, purpose and so much more.
 STEP 2: Attend The Weekly LIVES
Every week, we will hold LIVES to guide you into your transformation based on the topic of the month, which will also be recorded. Each LIVE will be structured in a way to help you dive deep while being supported by both Kiyomi and Alexis. You will also get an opportunity to engage with the community, or not, the choice is up to you! 
 STEP 3: Be A Part Of The Inner Circle 
When you join, you will be placed into a small group of people who are there to help support you in this journey. They will help hold you accountable, and will walk along this path with you.  You will really realize that you're not alone and will make incredible friends in the process.
 STEP 4:  Come To The "All Hands In Support" Call (With Kiyomi & Alexis)
Every month, we will do a two hour "all hands in" calls to check in to make sure you're feeling supported and guided. This helps you not feel alone, as you're welcome to ask us any questions and interact with us in a way that helps you.
 STEP 5: Engage In The AIR Community (Facebook Group)
Make life long friends with the same mindset as you! Within the course & community, you get to interact with us!  We don’t just give you the calls & community and leave you hanging Instead, we will be supporting you through the whole process! 
Here's What AIR Members Have Said...
Here's everything you get:
 The AIR Program (New Topic Released Every Month) ( $1,000 Value)  
Each month, we will release a transformative, life-changing topic geared to help you awaken.

Topics include: love, self-love, compassion, emotions, inner safety, inner child and inner parenting, sex and intimacy, conflict to connection, trauma, feminine & masculine energies, attachment styles, spirituality, empowerment, trust, forgiveness, boundaries, purpose and more.

These topics are used in therapy, coaching and deeply transformative practices. But the greatest part is that we will be doing it in a group setting so you will feel held and supported.
 4 LIVE "Transform & Awaken Classes" Every Month ( $500 Value)  
The first 3 weeks of every month, we will host a LIVE "Transform & Awaken Class" to help you learn about the topic of the month and how it applies to your life and relationships. It is always optional to attend these calls live, or if you prefer not to attend, you can always catch the replay!
  4 LIVE "Guided Somatic Practices" Every Month ( $500 Value)  
The first 3 weeks of every month, we will ALSO host LIVE "Guided Somatic Practices" to help you integrate everything you are leaning about the topic of the month into your life and relationships. It is always optional to attend these calls live, or if you prefer not to attend, you can always catch the replay!
 Two, 90min "All Hands In Support" ZOOM Calls ( $250 Value)  
On the 4th and final week of every month, we will do an "All Hands In Support" zoom call to check in and make sure you're feeling supported and guided! This will help you feel like you are supported, and you're welcome to ask us any questions and interact with us on this call! As always, it will be optional to attend live or you can catch the replay later!
 The Exclusive AIR Inner Circle Community ( $150 Value)  
You will be a part of our new and exclusive AIR Inner Circle Facebook group with other people, just like you, who are ready for expansion and growth and who see you and accept you for who you are. We believe that community and supportive group work is a key toward happiness and growth which is why we have created the inner circle to help you. 
 Weekly Awaken Toolbox! ( $100 Value)  
To help you on this journey, we will be releasing a Weekly Awaken Toolbox which will include things like: spiritual practices, Spotify playlists, videos on dancing and movement,  intention setting exercises, affirmations, and nutrition tips! All these things are here to help your central nervous system and help you transform!
 AIR Buddies 
At Awaken into Love, we believe in the power of friendship and community with people who finally get you and understand. This is why when you join, you have the option of being paired with other people who are just like you. Our AIR members have built life long relationships with their buddies and many consider their buddies to be their best friends and family. The journey of ROCD and awakening can be lonely, which is why having a buddy can alleviate that loneliness!
 ACC Calls
AIR Community members are welcome to lead their own ACC calls to implement that homework and practices from classes. This gives you a chance to practice what we teach and to start implementing the teachings on a deeper level through community support!
You’ll ALSO get some special gifts from us!
 Gift #1: The Awaken Into Relationships Calendar ( $50 Value)  
This calendar will inspire you every day, week and month in your awakening journey! 
 Gift #2: Kiyomi & Joel's Deeper Connection Masterclass ( $25 Value)  
Kiyomi and Joel will do a masterclass to sharer their best exercises and tools to RECONNECT if they ever feel disconnected and achieve deeper connection!
 Gift #3: Awakened Morning Checklist ( $15 Value)  
This easy to follow checklist will make it super easy for you to follow your morning routine so that you start every day feeling awakened! 
And at the end of the program...
 BONUS: First Access To the AIR Retreat! ( First Access To Sign Up!)
Anyone who stays in The AIR Program until the end will get first access to sign up to our brand new in person retreat! More info coming soon!
Our Mission
Make mental health human.
In order to accomplish this mission, first we have to make mental health accessible. 

The problem is that traditional therapy ends up being very expensive...

On average, therapy is $170 per hour, $680 per month and $8,160 per year!

And most humans can't afford to go to an amazing therapist on a weekly and monthly basis.  

So Alexis and I set out on a mission to change that. 

We asked ourselves...

"How can we create a new solution that is more affordable than therapy but TRULY just as valuable?" 

And that's when it hit us.

"What if we created an online program with amazing support, weekly classes, guided practices and a community of like minded people for less than the cost of 1 therapy session per month?"

The Awaken Into Relationship (AIR) Program was born.  

Our commitment is to make it LESS than JUST one therapy session per month...

And... LESS than 1 Iced Latte at Starbucks per day! 

Now you may be wondering...

"Why not charge more for this program if it is so powerful?" 


We want to do everything possible to make sure you're getting the support you need when you're working through the challenges of life. 

Which is why we've created a program with amazing value and benefits just like therapy but more profound... in a group setting. 

Think about it, for less than 1 therapy session per month, or less than an iced latte at Starbucks per day, you're getting support and help from us like you've never imagined.

P.S. We're not saying traditional therapy is bad. On the contrary, we believe in it DEEPLY and that's why we also offer it in addition to our programs. It's a very powerful tool. 

We just know not everyone will be able to afford it on a weekly basis and monthly basis. 

And we want to be able to change that forever. 

That, is how we will make mental health accessible.

And human. 

To bring it all together you get:
 The AIR Program (New Topic Released Every Month) ($1,000 Value)  
 3 LIVE "Transform & Awaken Classes" Every Month ($500 Value)  
 3 LIVE "Guided Somatic Practices" Every Month ($500 Value)  
 Monthly "All Hands In Support" ZOOM Call ($225 Value)  
 The Exclusive AIR Inner Circle Community ($150 Value)  
 Awaken Toolbox ($100 Value)  
 Gift #1: The Awaken Into Relationships Calendar ($50 Value)  
 Gift #2: K&Js Deeper Connection Masterclass  ($25 Value)  
 Gift #3: Awakened Morning Guide ($25 Value)  
 BONUS: First Access To The AIR Retreat! (First Access To Sign Up!)
Total Value Of $2,575
Only $99.99/Month!

Enrollment for AIR is CLOSED

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

(Program Will Be CLOSED Until December...)

Frequently Asked Questions:
 Can I join if I'm not in a relationship?

You absolutely can! This program is open for everyone and anyone. If you're single, in a relationship, married, divorced. This program is for you!
 Do I need to have ROCD work experience before joining?

We suggest you having done some ROCD work before joining this program. If you're still in the first stages of ROCD, we highly recommend you taking the ROCD Course instead of this one. But, if you've done ROCD work (whether through us, another therapist, or anothe program) then this program is for you!
 What if I learn to love myself and end up leaving my partner?

Our goal is to help you become more connected to the people in your life. Our approach is different where we believe that loving ourselves and awakening means also deeper connection and love with our partner and the world and we will teach this throughout the program.
 Do I have to stay for the whole year?

No, you definitely can leave whenever you wish! The only perk of staying for a year is getting first access to sign up to the very first in person AIR Retreat! And you'll get some additional gifts for staying for a whole year. 
 Do I have to be a certain age to join the community?

There's no age requirement, but as a disclaimer please know that we will be discussing sex, sexuality.
 How do I know if I'm ready for this program in my ROCD journey?

You know you're ready when you feel a deeper call toward doing more inner work, when you're feeling like you want more, and when you're feeling stuck or neutral in your life and you're ready for growth and more happiness and connection! 
 Do you talk about ROCD in the course?

This course is Relationship OCD sensitive but we will not be diving into Relationship OCD or how to find freedom from it. If you would like to find freedom from ROCD please go to rocdcourse.com
 Why is it closing down until December? 

That way, we don't have so many people joining at once and we can truly focus on helping each group that joins every 4 months. Our plan is to keep the program smaller so that we can help you more intimately and as a closer community. 
 Why do I have to wait 4 months if I don't sign up now? And what happens after it closes down? 

Due to the exclusivity and group bonding of this community, we want to make sure that people can't come in as they please, which can be overwhelming and distracting to previous members. We want to make sure each community member feels structured and supported and not overwhelmed by an influx of members.
 Why is it $99.99? 

We wanted to make a program that was as beneficial and supportive as therapy/coaching , but something that wasn't as expensive. Knowing that one session is about $170, we wanted to make it affordable with the information, support and care in this community. The way we think about it - it is actually only $3.33 a day and less than 1 therapy session!
 What if I'm still unsure?

If you're still unsure on whether you should sign up for the course, then shoot me an email at support@awakenintolove.com. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. It's important to remember that change can sometime be scary, but your freedom is worth it!
 How is it different from the ROCD Course & Community?

Enrollment Close In...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

(Program Will Be CLOSED Until December...)

Disclaimer: This course is not meant to replace professional therapy but can help educate and support you along the process. If you are looking for a licensed and professional therapist, then please contact someone that may be able to assist you. Please note that this course is not meant to diagnose you or treat a mental health disorder, it's just intended to educate and support you. if you are looking for psychotherapist or a if a therapist then you are welcome to work with our therapist, Alexis De Los Santos, if not, I would be happy to refer you to someone else. By signing up for the course, you agree to this disclaimer and the conditions outlined in the Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy pages linked below.
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